No-Cost Marketing and Cost/Benefit Analysis

Do you have a marketing department?

We do! We provide extensive marketing support to our clients at no charge. We offer a complete marketing plan, including a cost/benefit analysis for each marketing strategy that we coordinate for you.

The marketing plan begins with a marketing consultation. We work closely with the owner/operator to determine what the home is attempting to accomplish with their preneed program. This includes an extensive evaluation of their preneed marketing strategies that they have pursued in the past and the marketing strategies that they are currently utilizing. After all of the necessary information is gathered, the marketing plan is then developed and presented to the owner.

The marketing plan includes many different strategies, based on what the funeral home is comfortable with and what is most efficient for their location, budget, etc.

Some of the different strategies included in the marketing plan are:
      • Walk-in, Call-in
      • Work the Files
      • Direct Mail
      • Seminars
      • Focus Groups
      • Aftercare
      • Community Involvement

The marketing plan also includes a cost/benefit analysis per strategy, along with a page that summarizes the annualized revenue, volume and expenses for the entire plan. If you would like us to prepare a marketing plan with you, or further discuss your marketing opportunities, please contact us today!