We help you track and optimize finances

Do you know how much you make or lose on preneed?

Advance Planning Services can provide a comprehensive financial analysis that compares your current preneed program with other programs available in the market today. This financial analysis will help you determine exactly which product, or blend of products, is best suited for your business and your clients. Do you want funding options that benefit you and your clients? We are aligned with many of the country’s largest, most financially secure preneed funding companies. Regardless of the size of your business, we offer you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of products that will provide the most benefit for you and your clients.

Our products feature:
      • User-friendly forms
      • $500 minimum to $25,000 maximum
      • Issue ages from 0-100+
      • Simple or compound growth
      • Daily crediting, with current growth of 1.5% – 4.0%*
      • Same-day claim service with direct deposit
      • 24/7 claim lines
      • Online access to the insurance companies

*Growth is dependent on current interest rates, contact us today to find out what rates we have available.

Do you currently have money in a trust account?
Due to the poor performance in the trust market lately, many funeral homes have been considering other options for their preneed dollars. Advance Planning Services has had great success in helping some of our clients maximize their trust dollars through trust rollovers. We have several trust and insurance strategies that have proven to decrease the overall losses that several homes have endured, and in some cases we can even increase the total value of the preneed dollars. Contact us today to discuss your trust options, and to request a trust analysis on your trust dollars.

Turn your preneed into a future asset, not a liability.
In today’s low-interest rate environment, choosing the right funding vehicle for your preneed families is crucial to the future profitability of your firm. Our free, no obligation, in-depth financial analysis will examine the products available in the preneed marketplace today and how they will perform given the unique goals and circumstances of your firm. We represent five different insurance carriers with access to over 30 products; therefore, we are confident that we will have a product that best fits you and your clients.

By taking the time to get to know your individual business we will be able to tailor a program that best meets the needs of your funeral home’s preneed program, while minimizing the probability of future shortfalls. Through this process we will work with you to maximize the total value created by your program.

Contact us to receive a full financial analysis request form at no cost to you!