We are dedicated to helping your Family Service Counselors

How We Can Help

A Family Service Counselor helps families plan for their funeral arrangements in advance. This eliminates much of the emotional stress experienced by family members who would otherwise be left to make difficult decisions at a very stressful and emotional time. When families meet with a Family Service Counselor, they get to ask questions and make informed decisions in a comfortable environment. They also ensure that their wishes are recorded. In addition, this helps ease the emotional overspending that can occur when loved ones are left to make these difficult decisions at the time of need. There are also many financial advantages to prearranging and prefunding. By choosing to prefund their funeral arrangements they eliminate the financial burden that would be left to their loved ones. They also can experience a significant savings by locking in their costs today – protecting them and their assets from inflation. A properly structured prefunded funeral plan can also be an exempt asset from Medicaid helping preserve a portion of their estate to ensure their final wishes are carried out.

Advance Planning Services provides a complete training program on prearranging and prefunding. We are here to assist the Family Service Counselor in growing their business by working with them and their funeral home owners to bring the proper funding vehicle and marketing strategies to reach their community. Advance Planning Services develops and manages the implementation of a marketing plan customized for the funeral home and their target market.

      • Do you have a compassionate desire to help families in your community?
      • Are you looking for a career that is both financially and personally rewarding?

If you answered yes, then a career as a Family Service Counselor may be right for you. As a Family Service Counselor you will help families in your community plan for their final arrangements in advance. By doing this they will alleviate the emotional and financial burden, otherwise left to those they love.

If interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact us.