Who We Are

Advance Planning Services® was formed by Ed Patschke in February 2004 as a result of an expanding Preneed program.

Advance Planning Services® became one of the first marketing partners of the NGL Insurance Group (National Guardian Life of Madison, Wisconsin*).

*National Guardian Life Insurance Company entered the Preneed Insurance business in 1997 under the leadership of Ed Patschke who had previously managed life insurance operations for the SECURA Insurance Companies of Appleton, Wisconsin. NGL's entry into Preneed Insurance quickly proved successful.

This early success led the company to make a greater commitment to expand its Preneed Insurance program and to become recognized as a premier supplier of Insurance Pre-funding Services for the funeral industry. As NGL's Preneed program expanded and gained momentum, the company began to review the method it employed to deliver its programs to funeral professionals. This resulted in NGL deciding to change its product delivery system to one that utilized specialized distribution partners. Ed, along with interested NGL Preneed Sales Managers, began managing distribution of the new NGL Preneed program in certain Upper Midwestern states working initially with funeral home professionals who had a prior business relationship with them and NGL. Since 2004, the number of Preneed relationships with funeral professionals has increased significantly. APS now works with funeral homes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, Mississippi and North Dakota.

Our Leadership

Andrew Weninge
Regional Preneed Manager
    Regional Sales Manager – Preneed
Luke Smetters
Regional Preneed Manager
    Regional Sales Manager – Preneed
Jeff Wright
VP of Preneed
    Vice President – Preneed
About Ed Patschke

Ed founded Advance Planning Services, LLP, in 2004. Prior to organizing Advance Planning Services, Ed served for over thirty years in various senior management positions with the SECURA Companies (SECURA Life & SECURA Investments) and later with NGL where he led several product initiatives, including the design and introduction of the NGL Preneed Program in 1997 as well as the NGL Funeral Expense Trust Program in 2002.

About Andrew Weninger

Andy’s preneed background reaches back to 1997 where he sold Preneed for four funeral homes. Andy brings a wealth of experience in the Preneed arena. Andy and his wife live in the Milwaukee area.

About Luke Smetters

Luke has worked in the Preneed industry for a number of years and brings his impressive background in customer service, management, marketing and preneed experience to the Premier Preneed team. Luke is an avid Ironman competitor and community volunteer. He makes his home in Monroe, Wisconsin and manages Illinois and Wisconsin in partnership with Andy Weninger of Premier.

About Jeff Wright

With more than a dozen years of experience in preneed, Jeff has held senior management positions with Preneed IMOs, as well as being President at Southland National Insurance Company.

A Premier Marketing Company

Premier Marketing is one of the nation’s leading consulting and marketing companies in the insurance industry. Through our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to creating innovative products and marketing services for the life insurance industry.